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Empowering youth to combat gender-based disinformation and hate speech spread through social media

Empowering Youth Against Gender-based Hate Speech on Social Media

According to IMS (2023), the pervasive influence of social media has exacerbated various issues, notably the proliferation of offensive language and hate speech, including misogyny, often camouflaged within different contexts. These harmful messages, disseminated freely through social media platforms, particularly influence young men, who are vulnerable to persuasive narratives that normalize sexual harassment and toxic masculinity. 

Consequently, such narratives not only perpetuate gender-based hate speech but also pose a threat to democratic values and equality. Thus, the goal of the ScrollOff project is to combat social media platforms promoting unhealthy gender standards and misogynistic rhetoric, which violate women’s rights and perpetuate gender-based hate speech. 

By training youth workers to support young individuals exposed to media disinformation and gendered hate speech, the project aims to foster critical thinking and raise awareness of gender equality and human rights violations on social media and beyond. Ultimately, ScrollOff proposes an innovative approach leveraging the bond between youth workers and young people to counter messages of inequality and hate spread on social media.

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Addressing Gendered Hate Speech and Disinformation Through Youth Engagement




Work Packages





Work Package Chronicles: Pathways to Progress


Project management

This work package focuses on the overall coordination and management of the ScrollOff project. It involves overseeing the project’s progress, ensuring that objectives are met within the set timelines, and maintaining effective communication among all partners. Project management is a horizontal activity that accompanies the project throughout its lifespan, developing the methodologies and guidelines that ensure its smooth implementation.


Youth Workers’ Reference KeyBook

The rise of social media has sparked both freedom of expression and division, fueled by misinformation. The ScrollOff project tackles gender-based hate speech head-on, gathering insights and data to empower youth workers. Through case studies, guidelines, theoretical and practical information, we aim to equip them with tools to combat online toxicity.


ScrollOff portal

In line with our core mission of empowering youth workers to combat gender-based hate speech, this Work Package is pivotal. The ScrollOff portal will be a digital hub & a safe space, hosting essential resources and fostering community engagement. Through role-playing scenarios and support networks, we aim to build a resilient platform for tackling online toxicity and promoting solidarity among young individuals and youth workers across Europe.


Youth Workers Lab

Youth workers play a vital role in supporting young people, despite facing challenges. This Work Package is the cornerstone of youth worker training and the establishment of safe spaces. It bridges the gap between young individuals experiencing gender-based hate speech and the assistance of youth workers. Activities include national workshops, an International Lab, and Support Group services. Additionally, the package aims to promote youth work as a career, educate on identifying and seeking support for gender-based violence, and teach effective youth work principles.


Dissemination & Policy Briefs

This Work Package has dual objectives: crafting policy briefs and organizing national debate events. These efforts aim to effectively communicate project progress and findings to the target audience and wider community. Policy briefs will underscore the pivotal role of youth workers in supporting victims of online hate speech and advocate for national support networks. Additionally, they will propose strategies for combating gendered hate speech based on ScrollOff's research. National debate events will raise awareness about online hate speech and misinformation, featuring firsthand accounts from affected individuals and discussions among experts and the public. Together, these dissemination activities will ensure widespread recognition and utilization of project outcomes.

Our Consortium

Internationella Kvinnoföreningen - The International Women's Organization in Malmö (IFK Malmö) is a nonprofit organization independent of religion and political ideologies. IKF Malmö functions as a meeting point and a platform for equality, democracy, and inclusion. The organization has been working for foreign-bron women in the region of Öresund for almost 50 years. IKFs strengths also include the operative width of working with individuals with different life experiences. The organization works with different tools and projects on environment and climate change adjusted to each target group.

Internationella Kvinnoföreningen - IKF 🇸🇪

Halmstad University creates values, drives innovation, and develops people and society for the future. Since its inception in 1983, innovative thinking and collaboration with society have characterized the University's education and research. The research is internationally well-reputed and is primarily conducted in a multidisciplinary manner within the university's two focus areas: health innovation and smart cities and communities. The university has a wide range of courses with many popular degree programs.

Hogskolan I Halmstad 🇸🇪

Business and Professional Women CR (BPWCR) is the part of the Business & Professional Women International – the most influential federation of women with local branches in more than 100+ countries all over the world, with more than 45 thousand members worldwide. It was founded in 1930 and has an advisory status by the UN and participative status with the Council of Europe. Its members are influential women in leading positions, business women, managers, women preparing for their careers, students. The Czech branch (BPWCR) was founded in 2010 as an NGO and has more than 150 women members nowadays. BPWCR gradually became a highly respected organisation striving to strengthen the position of women at work, equal opportunities, increase the number of women in decision-making positions, and organise a massive communication campaign for #equalpay.

Business & Professional Women CR Z.S 🇨🇿

STANDO LTD is a research and educational organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We are, at the same time, an approved VET Centre accredited by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. The strength of our enterprise primarily lies in our highly qualified team and its extended network of international partners. Our dynamic and experienced academics, researchers and practitioners are committed in implementing large scale co-funded projects and collaborate with organizations from Cyprus and around the world. We actively participate in the planning and implementation of national and international projects, aiming at providing innovative solutions that facilitate the development of people and the cohesion of societies. Since 2016, we are providing a series of professional and academic trainings under the scope of Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, as well as courses, seminars and consulting services to various target groups (students, youths, teachers, policy makers, parents, adults), learners and staff of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and Adult Centres.

Stando LTD 🇨🇾

NGO «Non-formal education for youth» is a non-profit, non-governmental youth organisation established in Dnipro in 2010 and working nationally as well as internationally. NGO «NFE 4Y» is the important center for building youth social movement and training leaders of a new generation in Ukraine. Our mission is in the building of more tolerant, understanding and accepting society in Ukraine. We focused on the topics of peace building, intercultural interreligious dialogue, human rights, inclusion of minorities and refugees (IDP), tolerance and diversity, and active citizenship and participation of young people. Our aims are to involve young people into volunteering on local, national and international levels, to support youth in creating and implementing their own small-scale communitybased projects which will support the ideas of tolerance, cultural diversity, antidiscrimination, social inclusion.

NGO "Non-formal education for youth" 🇺🇦

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